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  • Opublikowany 15 lut 2022
  • I went on a trip and visited the sidemen
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  • GryGry

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  • Main Ingredient
    Main Ingredient Rok temu +4246

    It was great seeing you be your unfiltered self again man, No fear of demonetization when you're in the Sidemen馃槀 You really thrived with the guys tho man can't wait to see more collabs from all of you

    • Baadaarunissa Chaudhary
      Baadaarunissa Chaudhary 11 miesi臋cy temu

      Bladify What the hell us the name Bladify 馃拃 tf, Bladify sounds like bladder 馃拃馃ぃ

    • Soy Saucing
      Soy Saucing Rok temu


    • carlo
      carlo Rok temu

      Bladifyhis grandma isint dead 馃拃

    • Will Evans
      Will Evans Rok temu

      Jesus loves you all

  • Reice Newson
    Reice Newson Rok temu +2049

    Sidemen x Lazarbeam content was great. Definitely need more. Get them down there and show them around, more sidemen sunday content, even some gaming or reacts content would be good

  • Matt Lovell TV
    Matt Lovell TV Rok temu +369

    I'm sure they appreciate you coming out there as much as you did! You flow so naturally with the sidemen, it's top tier content

  • DroopilyGull330
    DroopilyGull330 Rok temu +794

    You should definitely be in more sidemen Sundays

    • Siva Suntharam
      Siva Suntharam Rok temu

      These bots need to take down somehow. They've gone way to far now.

    • Tershern Jacobs
      Tershern Jacobs Rok temu

      Sidemen pubgolf (australia edition) lazar, ethan and harry as team leaders

    • DroopilyGull330
      DroopilyGull330 Rok temu

      @RCL no clue why same thing happened when jacksepticeyes dad died

    • RCL
      RCL Rok temu

      @DroopilyGull330 I mean, do you know why they are mocking Lannan鈥檚 deceased grandma?
      I鈥檓 just curious because I just found out today that they are in Lannan鈥檚 channel.

  • noracha
    noracha Rok temu +41

    I really enjoyed you with the sidemen. You fit right in with them cz y鈥檃ll give off the same kind of chaotic and entertaining energy

  • ShuffleGamer
    ShuffleGamer Rok temu +17

    *the legend is back*

  • Team Larry
    Team Larry Rok temu +905

    just waiting for this to get age restricted 馃槀
    also lannan im sorry for your loss, hope things are going well for you my man

    • I am epik
      I am epik Rok temu

      釕庒棭釚嘫釛 GE釚囜棭釕庰煉 no

    • Glaxick Boi
      Glaxick Boi Rok temu

      @Lachy just a bot bro calm down

    • D3 KIWI
      D3 KIWI Rok temu

      @Luke Cahill it鈥檚 a bot

    • Squishers_-_-
      Squishers_-_- Rok temu

      How tf you get verified as crafting

  • Ref
    Ref Rok temu +21

    We need more of lazar and sidemen that was so fire 馃敟

  • Lois Banks
    Lois Banks Rok temu +26

    I hope you鈥檙e doing well, good to see you mate! Much love 馃グ

    • Irina Lazareva
      Irina Lazareva Rok temu

      "Moda EGD" 馃挜(street style Venice and Padua) from Italy with love! 馃憤馃憣You are welcome! 馃馃槈馃挒

  • Maria
    Maria Rok temu +2

    I would love to see you doing more this kind of irl content, like what you did with sidemen now and with click back in the day.

  • CoverageAll
    CoverageAll Rok temu +31

    I fucking LOVED the joke in the Family fued, was amazing, cant wait to see what else comes out of this little aussie man

  • DeKo
    DeKo Rok temu +302

    I Enjoyed the collaboration soo much, didn't know we had soo much in common with efu....

    • hector reyes
      hector reyes Rok temu +1

      Au and uk are basically the same people

    • twnty
      twnty Rok temu +2

      @Sofia 鈽旓笍 bro what

    • do not
      do not Rok temu

      Finally its here :}

  • Nikstar112
    Nikstar112 Rok temu +5

    We need to see more of Lazarbeam and the Sidemen!

  • 讙讬讗 爪专驻转讬

    Do more content with the sideman cuz that was some amazing stuff馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Killslayer152
    Killslayer152 Rok temu +20

    We all hope you鈥檙e doing well mate.

  • Weekly Bricks
    Weekly Bricks Rok temu +1

    It looks like you had a lot of fun in the UK! Keep making awesome content 鉂わ笍

  • Gamaray
    Gamaray Rok temu

    The sidemen and lazar were one of the first PLcliprs I ever watched, all the way back in 2015, and now they鈥檙e collabing. Crazy

  • Natasha Howard
    Natasha Howard Rok temu +1

    Loved the content with the lads! :)

  • Josh Kindred
    Josh Kindred Rok temu +2

    Gotta get another video with you and the sidemen!

  • You're Awesome
    You're Awesome Rok temu +3

    Guys the bloody legend is back. Let's go the videos are now going to be posted regularly 馃槂


    Ive been a fan of both you guys for ages and to see a colab had made my year already

  • mistymisto
    mistymisto Rok temu +13

    This is the absolute king of react videos

  • Hedge Master Matty
    Hedge Master Matty 11 miesi臋cy temu +1

    KSI is a legend, he makes me laugh and mood is always positive when he is in the vids

  • David Jaimes Ocampo
    David Jaimes Ocampo Rok temu +2

    As a fan from both im happy this happened

  • drh htf
    drh htf Rok temu +4

    i really hope he joins the sidemen that would be honestly so good, especially seeing lannan not have to be afraid of demonetization and doing whatever he wants and having fun, that would be great

    • Henry Marks
      Henry Marks Rok temu +3

      I hope not lol

    • Rehan Y
      Rehan Y Rok temu +4

      he'll never be allowed to join the sidemen. they have said it themselves. no one will ever joni the sidemen so dont hold your breath and wish..

  • 馃挅Sailor Moon馃挅

    Fucking missed this absolute madlad...love his videos ! Makes my day... Welcome back from England... Hope to see your content... Well take your time ..you deserve the break

  • Lex
    Lex Rok temu

    Tobi鈥檚 reaction was so funny 馃槀

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing Rok temu

    It was so dope seeing old lazar back

  • Vickram Singh
    Vickram Singh Rok temu +18

    sorry for your loss when you returned. happy you had the strength to make this video especially considering this will bring back the sad memories.

  • Alfie Payne
    Alfie Payne Rok temu +53

    I鈥檓 ngl Lannan in the UK would be so good because the collaborations are way less limited and the content is always馃敟馃敟馃敟

  • Jeff Nono
    Jeff Nono Rok temu +10

    Man do it again it was absolutely amazing and hysterical while you were there 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

    • do not
      do not Rok temu

      Finally its here :}

  • polrispenguinYT boi
    polrispenguinYT boi Rok temu +2

    tbh, I would love to see lazar become a sideman

  • James Rossi
    James Rossi Rok temu

    Lazar and sideman is the ultimate team, nothing better

  • Jesse Meermann
    Jesse Meermann Rok temu

    It was so good seeing Lazar Unfiltered

  • JosiahHoffmann
    JosiahHoffmann Rok temu +2

    How was your trip Lazer? Good to see you back and ready for content!馃槑

  • stormtrooperholds

    We missed you. Glad you were happy.

  • unknown
    unknown Rok temu +3

    hope your feeling better legend 鉂わ笍, what a video 馃檶馃徎

  • Jack Polansky
    Jack Polansky Rok temu +1

    Glad your back man. I love your vids much love 鉂わ笍鈥嶐煍

  • Godly Godzilla
    Godly Godzilla Rok temu +1

    I love this ur amazing KEEP IT UP

  • Brent Grimes
    Brent Grimes Rok temu +1

    I鈥檓 glad to see a LazarBeam video he鈥檚 one of my favorite

  • MR-Nawid掳
    MR-Nawid掳 Rok temu +2

    You are back great to see you man 馃槉馃槉馃槉

  • UltimateGamer34
    UltimateGamer34 Rok temu

    Hope everything is alright man wish the best

  • NightRodr
    NightRodr Rok temu +63

    I want to see lannan hang out with Harry too that would be interesting. Also what a good vid

    • Puff
      Puff Rok temu +3

      Lol this reply section

  • GhostKiller
    GhostKiller Rok temu

    Glad your back mate 馃敟鉂

  • Tipp_Ex
    Tipp_Ex Rok temu +1

    We love you ya bloody legend 鉂ゐ煉

  • Alexander Thomas
    Alexander Thomas Rok temu +3

    Nice to see you back lannan can't wait to see more content and you collabing in sidemen was sick 馃憤馃憤馃槀馃槀馃憫馃憫馃敟馃敟

  • Losgo
    Losgo Rok temu +4

    This is great, keep it up! 馃榿馃榿馃榿

  • IronHugo
    IronHugo Rok temu

    I wanna see more of these collabs

  • overheroverthere
    overheroverthere Rok temu

    ur back finally i rly like with u being with the sidemem im watching them since 2014 and u from 2018 great combination鉂わ笍

  • Darth Nave
    Darth Nave Rok temu

    Great to see you back 馃槉

  • Sampo Heponiemi
    Sampo Heponiemi Rok temu

    OMG Lannan is back. Love to see you again 鉂も潳

  • ViCe
    ViCe Rok temu +5

    I was waiting fr this colab for years after I saw you play with vikk regularly and also seeing Lachlen Live in the old sidemen house for somethime. God this was fun.

  • Sapelu
    Sapelu Rok temu

    London Lazar slaps different tho icl
    It was awesome seeing how genuinely happy and how authentically you you were when with the lads. It's good to see you in a happier headspace again mate, because it shows and that makes the internet a more awesome place to exist in.

  • Drill Reaper
    Drill Reaper Rok temu

    Kinda reminds me of old lazarbeam videos. Enjoyed it :)

  • Codyrg32
    Codyrg32 Rok temu

    Great video man love to see you posting again

  • Logan Hughes
    Logan Hughes Rok temu

    Your content is so great because you don鈥檛 care Bout the money your just yourself

  • Trabio
    Trabio Rok temu +4

    鉂わ笍鉂わ笍Let's take a moment to appreciate how much effort they put in the video just for us 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Robert Allen
    Robert Allen Rok temu +2

    Love seeing you back!

  • Whiteypants
    Whiteypants Rok temu

    great combo. lazar and sidemen

  • ItsJaffa
    ItsJaffa Rok temu

    Can we just appreciate this fucking hero鈥檚 still putting out vids in his circumstances 鉂わ笍

  • Aussie Film鈥檚

    I鈥檓 so glad that your back and making Content

  • BeybladeBros
    BeybladeBros Rok temu

    Bro this is so good keep it up馃憤馃憤馃憤

  • Plat King
    Plat King Rok temu +11

    I would love to go see lazarbeam just to tower over him being 6 ft

  • DanimoXYZ
    DanimoXYZ Rok temu

    Sorry for what happend to your Grandma. It hurts man.. Hope your doing good. We are all with you Mr. Beam!

  • BDawg910
    BDawg910 Rok temu +55

    just waiting for this to get age restricted 馃槀
    also lannan im sorry for your loss, hope things are going well for you my man

    • BDawg910
      BDawg910 Rok temu

      @Selecx. facts

    • Selecx.
      Selecx. Rok temu

      all these bots 馃拃

    • BDawg910
      BDawg910 Rok temu +5

      @Kristin Lemke his grandma passed

  • PeltonX_YT
    PeltonX_YT 9 miesi臋cy temu

    6:38 I couldn't stop laughing

  • bt wx22
    bt wx22 Rok temu

    you 100% need to be in more sidemen Sundays

    GIGA PENGUIN101 Rok temu

    We missed you mr beam Im glad your back and doing well 馃憤

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet Rok temu +3

    Keep the great content

  • that121guy
    that121guy Rok temu

    lazar joining the sidemen would be epic

  • OnlySnazzy
    OnlySnazzy Rok temu

    When he said 鈥淚 am the most average man ever as a 5鈥10 white guy鈥 that hit home because that鈥檚 me lmao

  • Vickram Singh
    Vickram Singh Rok temu +6

    you and ksi are similar in terms of saying whatever but he goes in more so I knew you guys would bond immediantly.

  • CeePeez
    CeePeez Rok temu

    Nice to see you trending again man

  • Eggwah2
    Eggwah2 Rok temu +4

    This is going to get demonitized so fast 馃槀

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards Rok temu

    Can't wait to have LazarGoon at the next Goon of Fortune event!

  • XxOxygenxX07
    XxOxygenxX07 Rok temu

    I feel like more of the old lazar is back and I love it.

  • Zacke_Ya-Yeet
    Zacke_Ya-Yeet Rok temu +2

    Mate we missed you馃敟馃敟

  • Nicolai Hope
    Nicolai Hope Rok temu

    The family joke was the best thing I have heard in a WHILE

  • Pao
    Pao Rok temu

    Haven't seen a comment that noticed that Lazer just gave us additional sidsplus content +his additional witty banter. Or is it just me.

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Rok temu +3

    Lannans a legend he has the best content

  • Asepoester
    Asepoester 5 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Lazar u are making moves mate big up 馃馃徎

  • Soy Saucing
    Soy Saucing Rok temu

    You could tell lazar was uncomfortable at fit but adapted

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Rok temu

    I would love to see lazarbeam become the 8th sidemen

  • Eribz 10
    Eribz 10 Rok temu +1

    the sidemen video was legendary, it made my month

  • Name undecided
    Name undecided Rok temu +1

    Nice vid hope you enjoyed your trip

  • BlueLock?
    BlueLock? Rok temu +12

    Bro this was soooo funny I鈥檓 gonna watch dis 3 times馃槀馃槀馃槀

    • Piqachu
      Piqachu Rok temu

      @Cracked Quack thank you!! This is a real comment as well.

    • Cracked Quack
      Cracked Quack Rok temu +3

      Wow look at all the bots. Anyways here is a REAL comment:
      Agreed this was funny af I was dead for 5 minutes

  • tom sanderz
    tom sanderz 5 miesi臋cy temu

    You should get to sidemen to do a cheap vs expensive holiday in Australia where you organise it all

  • Addison	馃憟饾摃**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾搾饾摎 饾摐饾摠 袪饾摗0饾摃饾摌饾摏袝 馃挆

    just waiting for this to get age restricted 馃槀
    also lannan im sorry for your loss, hope things are going well for you my man

  • Facundo Michel
    Facundo Michel Rok temu +3

    Man u r made to be the 8 sidemen lol. That would be an awesome upgrade. Really funny dude...


    Sidemen x lazarbeam 馃敟 insane content 馃檶

  • Foxifyy
    Foxifyy Rok temu

    I wish the podcast was on spotify 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶

  • Am.I_Das?
    Am.I_Das? Rok temu

    We want more lazar and sidemen collabd

  • Saiyaman
    Saiyaman Rok temu

    seeing lazarbeam curse again is just so refreshing

  • Jackson Sutton
    Jackson Sutton Rok temu +3

    What a bloody legend 馃敟

  • Reuben Figueroa
    Reuben Figueroa Rok temu

    Good to see you Lannan! We LOVE YOU!!!

  • i馃挕i
    i馃挕i Rok temu

    Keep up your dreams lazar

  • kojo
    kojo Rok temu


  • Cyberpirate
    Cyberpirate Rok temu +3

    Lazar Beam is a bloody legend

  • Evan Anderson
    Evan Anderson Rok temu

    Great video! Love your second channel too!

  • Jason wins
    Jason wins Rok temu +1

    Soo happy to see u uploading lannan :D