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  • Opublikowany 3 lis 2021
  • Prepare to be satisfied from tiktok
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  • GryGry

Komentarze • 3 409

  • Firestrike
    Firestrike Rok temu +427

    Lannen you cheer me up on one of the most dull days of my year. Thanks for existing 馃槉

    • Scruffywithconfetii
      Scruffywithconfetii 11 miesi臋cy temu

      @Kiddos Hill why u caring if no one asked,also see who i said it to. Have some brains

      CHAOS_EDITZ 11 miesi臋cy temu

      @kiddos hills scary

    • Kiddos Hill
      Kiddos Hill 11 miesi臋cy temu

      @Mason Nutter to bad

    • Kiddos Hill
      Kiddos Hill 11 miesi臋cy temu

      @Scruffywithconfetii No one asked

    • Kiddos Hill
      Kiddos Hill 11 miesi臋cy temu

      @CHAOS_EDITZ fu

  • Wildfirevivi
    Wildfirevivi Rok temu +371

    Thank you Mr Beam for keeping me company at 2am with this video whilst I'm ill, love your beautiful content as always ^_^

  • WyattW! [OFFICIAL]
    WyattW! [OFFICIAL] Rok temu +38

    Currently 2 AM in the UK. Thanks for making amazing videos, Lazar!

  • Heather Leeman
    Heather Leeman Rok temu +6

    love your content keep it up

  • Cuco S谩nchez
    Cuco S谩nchez Rok temu +423

    I love how he jokes about getting a hydraulic press but hed be the kind of legend to actually do it馃槀馃槀

  • Romania
    Romania 6 miesi臋cy temu

    I just love how whenever Lazars happy he always does little bounces whilst looking around the room its so funny but (no homo) kinda cute at the same time but he always finds ways to make us happy also im pretty sure him and me live in the same suburb lol

  • Fakepompano8223
    Fakepompano8223 Rok temu +16

    Keep up the bring lazar! Your doing great

  • ausbeast_20
    ausbeast_20 Rok temu +4

    Lazar you bloody legend you always got something good to share with us!

  • FS Mando
    FS Mando Rok temu +796

    I can imagine Ilsa coming in and hearing Lannan just screaming 鈥淗it me with it. I wanna feel something.

    • Astro Galaxy
      Astro Galaxy Rok temu


    • WyattW! [OFFICIAL]
      WyattW! [OFFICIAL] Rok temu

      @Chickpess That鈥檚 a very well done, yet specific insult lol

    • Frank Grandi
      Frank Grandi Rok temu

      Hanaey馃挦 AYO BRO WHAT THE FU-

    • loom man
      loom man Rok temu

      She would be like Lanan that鈥檚 my job

    • Axolmatronic
      Axolmatronic Rok temu

      Awwwwwww that was the best day of ,y life awww

  • Xtreme5364
    Xtreme5364 Rok temu +4

    6:34 Lactose intolerance be like:

  • Bautista Battles
    Bautista Battles Rok temu +231

    Patrick: Is mayonnaise an instrument?
    This video: Yes Patrick, Yes

  • Im Durk
    Im Durk Rok temu +4

    Nothing like watching lazar in the morning (4:00 am)

    DEV1L G4MING Rok temu +6

    Seeing LazarBeam being satisfied is the most satisfying thing in the world 鉂わ笍

  • mzx
    mzx Rok temu +10

    This man right here who created this video, cured my depression but not fully. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Lazarbeam?

  • Turbe_r
    Turbe_r Rok temu +14

    This man a bloody legend keep up the great work!

  • oren ashes
    oren ashes Rok temu +2

    "I am bored, and I wanna get satisfied." -Lazarbeam 2021

  • GaminTurtle
    GaminTurtle Rok temu +5

    Lazar鈥檚 really been cravin that self satisfaction lately

  • Nicolas J
    Nicolas J Rok temu +2

    Love it how he keeps his videos under 10 minutes for no ads in the video 馃槏馃槏

  • Jacob Bashford
    Jacob Bashford Rok temu +16

    Happy men鈥檚 mental health month!!! Stay strong brothers!! If ur struggling, speak up, don鈥檛 just 鈥渕an up鈥 love y鈥檃ll!! Love you too Lazar

  • ThatOne Canadian
    ThatOne Canadian Rok temu

    Best content possible, can鈥檛 get better than this.

  • Shorty Ps
    Shorty Ps Rok temu +4

    We love watching Mr. Beam being satisfied on camera

  • Jediah Goss
    Jediah Goss Rok temu +18

    I love how lannan literally uploads more on this channel then his main channel 馃槀

  • Abby P
    Abby P Rok temu +53

    i love how he just cant help showing off what ilsa made him. SO WHOLESOMEE

  • Ray_Sal_6308
    Ray_Sal_6308 Rok temu +49

    The way he ran to show us his crocs is the reason LAZAR is such a good content creator

    • Ray_Sal_6308
      Ray_Sal_6308 11 miesi臋cy temu

      @DangerousRobot ya i swear

    • DangerousRobot
      DangerousRobot 11 miesi臋cy temu

      You aren't wrong. You can tell he just genuinely loves being a youtuber and it makes it so much more fun.

    • GD JackAttack
      GD JackAttack Rok temu

      30th like

    • Ray_Sal_6308
      Ray_Sal_6308 Rok temu +2

      @GraniteStorm820 I swear dude and the way he said it to it was so heartfelt like a 5 year old child

    • GraniteStorm820
      GraniteStorm820 Rok temu

      鈥淵ou wanna see my crocs?鈥 Wow XD

  • Suzaka
    Suzaka Rok temu +6

    Just getting a notification from Lazar's new video is satisfying enough for me.

  • Kaedyn Funnell
    Kaedyn Funnell Rok temu +541

    Lannan: "I gotta buy one of these contraptions, put like cheese in it or some shit."
    Ilsa listening: "I knew something wasn't right..."

  • Shrimac
    Shrimac Rok temu +1

    The most satisfying thing is when Lazar posts a new video

  • Nathan Espinoza
    Nathan Espinoza Rok temu +1

    one of the best lazarbeam videos in a long time馃ぃ

  • Chipvr
    Chipvr Rok temu +5

    You make me happy every day thank you馃檪

  • Flynn Tantisunthorn
    Flynn Tantisunthorn 4 miesi臋cy temu +1

    "That mayonase is like me with food poisening" This is so relatable

  • Alfarizi Hendarsa
    Alfarizi Hendarsa Rok temu +73

    鈥淎ll those years of evolution, just to satisfy some dude on his computer in the 21st century.鈥 -Lazar

  • Miranda LeAnn
    Miranda LeAnn Rok temu +4

    I need you to get power tools and do this ALL the time, please! Very satisfying!

  • CactusDPad
    CactusDPad Rok temu

    Lannan is the only man that can make a mullet look good

  • Algae
    Algae Rok temu

    I am bored. And I want to be satisfied. - LazarLazar

  • guy davies
    guy davies Rok temu +3

    Very satisfying, makes my day!

  • Annabel Westwood
    Annabel Westwood Rok temu +2

    When he said he鈥檇 spray the spider I laughed so hard 馃槅

  • expresso
    expresso Rok temu +269

    Lazar: "ohhhhh you tingling "
    Lazar: "i'm tingling"

  • Nishad Rawat
    Nishad Rawat Rok temu +4

    The internet's most satisfying thing is you getting back to uploading... Cheer mate!

  • icantthinkofaname
    icantthinkofaname Rok temu +1

    You just made my day so much better

  • Talon warren
    Talon warren 8 miesi臋cy temu

    Lazar should do the world record of smashing keyboards in 1 minute.

  • Mangojuice
    Mangojuice Rok temu +1

    We can tell your in the mood today馃榿 great video

  • cakeface nikocado

    His reaction is better than the actual videos

  • small block studio鈥檚

    Thank you for uploading it helps me stay happy

  • Scary Teacher 3D Gaming

    WOW I like what he says. he makes everything special 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃憤

  • Toy Reviews
    Toy Reviews Rok temu +2

    Lannan you look really tired man. Take a month off. You look like you need it. 鉂

  • Mr Fett
    Mr Fett Rok temu +2

    6:03 got me laughing so hard

  • Riley Nichol
    Riley Nichol Rok temu +1

    Very satisfying, I am satisfied, thank you mr. beam

  • Milan-Thomas Zsigovics
    Milan-Thomas Zsigovics 8 miesi臋cy temu

    Just started watching your vids, awesome... and also, the stuff he pulled out of the tote could be old glue, coagulated, then blocked the nozzle.

  • Aduckdidit
    Aduckdidit Rok temu +4

    Huge fan. Thank you for making my day

  • Scott Duffy
    Scott Duffy Rok temu +2

    I love watching your reactions!

  • Gagan Deep
    Gagan Deep Rok temu +8

    "I am bored and I wanna get satisfied."
    -Lazarbeam 2021.

  • lori l'armand
    lori l'armand Rok temu +3

    Watching this at 3:00 am making me feel motivated.

  • TheBuildingBro
    TheBuildingBro Rok temu

    The green foam is commonly known as floral foam. Also I believe that those presses with holes are industrial garlic presses

  • Uncertain Skepticism

    You know it's good because you can't finish your sentence while talking and the look of satisfaction because of these vids.

  • Lucy Whitechurch
    Lucy Whitechurch Rok temu +6

    i had a pretty bad day and all my friends were mean to me but as soon as i got home i put this on and it helped! Lazarbeam always makes me laugh!

  • Drew Yarbrough
    Drew Yarbrough Rok temu

    Yall remember when Lazarbeam had a new 10+ min video everyday for us? pepperridge farm remembers

  • Ad Cres
    Ad Cres Rok temu +2

    Thank you lazerbeam for making my birthday a whole lot better

  • Tubby
    Tubby Rok temu

    anyone around who doesn't know he's filming will think he's crazy

  • Ajay Chella Vishal

    It still isn't the old lazarbeam but still he is comin back to life slowly.

  • Kon-dzw
    Kon-dzw Rok temu

    When Lazarbeam uploads it makes Ur day:)

  • A Chicken
    A Chicken Rok temu +3

    Me cleaning the Taco Bell bathroom after using it

  • Noobplays
    Noobplays Rok temu +1

    Lazar your content is amazing no matter how much you upload

  • PluckyBranch
    PluckyBranch Rok temu +5

    Lannan your so awesome and I love your content, keep it up! 馃榾

  • Unspeakable K
    Unspeakable K Rok temu +1

    That mayonnaise is basically me after i had too much at TacoBell.

  • TediusX
    TediusX Rok temu +1

    Lannan. You should post these videos on your main channel. People don鈥檛 mind if they鈥檙e shorter. Keep it up tho mate 馃憤

  • Isaac Drummer Boy
    Isaac Drummer Boy Rok temu +1

    Lazar-I need a hydraulic press
    Ilsa-Walks in and find lannan crushing watermelons馃ぃ馃ぃ

  • LukeThief
    LukeThief  Rok temu +476

    Here before that one kid starts blessing everyone

  • HAZE.2
    HAZE.2 Rok temu

    Every time lazerbeam uploads its like christmass all over again

  • Aarne The Gamer
    Aarne The Gamer Rok temu +1

    This video is most satisfying video ever, Lazar.

  • x TSMA
    x TSMA Rok temu

    You know what would be satisfying? If you uploaded more

  • #Wave Mates !
    #Wave Mates ! Rok temu

    its so good im about to go to sleep after watching this馃い馃槾

  • Blaze Horne
    Blaze Horne Rok temu +10

    Hey lazarbeam my birthday is tmrw you probably want see this but it would make my day if you said happy birthday, your kinda the one that got my into gaming and have been doing it for 4 years now been so fun thank you lazarbeam, I hope you see this and have an amazing day鉂わ笍

    • Blaze Horne
      Blaze Horne Rok temu

      @ConsumeSock thank you bro馃檹馃徑

    • ConsumeSock
      ConsumeSock Rok temu

      A damn bot stole your comment. Make sure you guys like this guys comment so Lannan doesn鈥檛 see the bots copy

  • Searching Roblox
    Searching Roblox Rok temu +1

    I'm Satisfied To Being Addicted To Lannans Video's

  • gaming with stromzy
    gaming with stromzy Rok temu +1

    Lazarbeams voice is more satisfying than the videos lol

  • Flayyva
    Flayyva Rok temu

    You know lannan, there are always other ways to satisfy yourself when you鈥檙e bored 馃し鈥嶁檧锔忦煠封嶁檧锔

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer Rok temu +50

    When cray walks in the room 鈥渋t鈥檚 a little different but it still feels good鈥

  • RedSlime
    RedSlime 7 miesi臋cy temu

    Bro鈥檚 getting the ASMR tingles 馃槀

  • Alpha_4608
    Alpha_4608 Rok temu +4

    Awesome to see Lannan upload
    Not as much as he used to back in 2019 but he鈥檚 working on it

  • Jack Ellis
    Jack Ellis Rok temu +1

    I always wish your videos went forever. YEEEEEEET

  • SK8WRLD999
    SK8WRLD999 Rok temu

    Great to hear the mullet is back in action

  • Sethika Bandara
    Sethika Bandara Rok temu

    The one with the spinning blade and the fruit, it is satisfying and mind bending because the blade is spinning so fast that you only see the main three parts

  • dogboi_thatrealdog
    dogboi_thatrealdog Rok temu +8

    "Yeah this is going to be a good video THIS FEELS GOOD" Lazarbeam

  • Luckless
    Luckless Rok temu

    The guy putting molten metal into the jar of mayonnaise is a true russian.

  • JesusIsKing
    JesusIsKing Rok temu +50

    LazarBeam: "Ohhhhh that's so good. Ohhhhh best day of my life!"
    Ilsa: WHAT THE F***

  • Sewage_Joe
    Sewage_Joe Rok temu +2

    You are just such a legend

  • Tharul Dasindu Cumaranatunga

    i just woke up and saw this . this made my day

  • Shekinah Cabral
    Shekinah Cabral 11 miesi臋cy temu

    Your videos are a blessing

  • Steven Hardy
    Steven Hardy Rok temu +1

    Dang he need to upload more still but still as usual the content is still AMAZING!!

  • Kaedyn Goffe
    Kaedyn Goffe Rok temu +12

    When Lazar said I like to eat that cream I cracked up laughing for like 20 mins

  • FlashPhoenix
    FlashPhoenix Rok temu +1

    Good job thanks for being the tied for best PLclipr in my opinion 馃槉

  • MrManny
    MrManny Rok temu +2

    Let鈥檚 all say thanks for LazarBeam posting often now!

    • MrManny
      MrManny Rok temu

      Umm what is this?

  • Orange soopy juice
    Orange soopy juice Rok temu +4

    鈥淚 got to get one of those contraptions and put cheese in it鈥 me knowing that鈥檚 what it鈥檚 for

  • superboy Brody
    superboy Brody Rok temu +1

    Yay the mullet we鈥檝e been waiting for is back!

  • Iz Brody
    Iz Brody Rok temu

    Me naming all the reasons lazar shouldn鈥檛 have a hydroelectric press

  • And.E S
    And.E S Rok temu +3

    Thank you LazarLazar I have COVID and you are keeping me good content

  • Teagan Garcia
    Teagan Garcia Rok temu

    Can we just say how satisfying fruit by their foot is when you peel of the roll off the plastic

  • Sam Terpstra
    Sam Terpstra Rok temu +1

    You have no idea how mad I was when you cut the mullet but I鈥檓 glad it鈥檚 back

  • Barcelona fans
    Barcelona fans 11 miesi臋cy temu +3

    6:39 Me after eating taco bell

  • Ceriumboss
    Ceriumboss Rok temu +1

    I enjoy these second videos on this channel they are satisfying!

  • Farouk Farouk
    Farouk Farouk Rok temu

    You should give your staff a raise