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  • Opublikowany 29 paź 2021
  • lazarbeam has a very cool setup
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  • GryGry

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  • andrewps
    andrewps Rok temu +500

    Lazarbeam is just such a genuine and honest person I hope he never changes..

      MAJOR-TOM 7 miesięcy temu +1

      It’s 9months later and now he’s ripped

    • slyrealaty
      slyrealaty 8 miesięcy temu +2

      hes also aussie

    • 7gqbriel7
      7gqbriel7 11 miesięcy temu +1

      Stop the cap

    • Togos_Cute
      Togos_Cute Rok temu +8

      Yeah, he messes around. But when he's being serious he's a bloody legend.

  • Braekpo1nt
    Braekpo1nt Rok temu +138

    We love you too, Lannan! Thanks for giving us a tour, we love seeing it :) hang in there bro, do what you need to do to be healthy

    • MueedBoy
      MueedBoy Rok temu +2

      “Loved”, you don’t love him anymore?

    • just gamin
      just gamin Rok temu

      Racing Girl's 😘🤤 what the KCUF!

  • Your Pal AL
    Your Pal AL Rok temu +765

    You’re still the most realest youtuber mate... even though you don’t upload lol. Much love man! Nice office

    • YouTube • 99 years ago
      YouTube • 99 years ago Rok temu

      @SNOWY32 huh?

    • Brian Daley
      Brian Daley Rok temu +1

      Pewdiepie? Srsly? Not annoying?

    • kingadamw1
      kingadamw1 Rok temu +4

      Ryvalfn stop writing these comments just to try and gain subscribers. That’s just sad. I can see you’ve posted three of the exact same comments just like this on this video

    • BabyVenatus
      BabyVenatus Rok temu +2

      Most realest?

    • kyan Foreman
      kyan Foreman Rok temu +1

      @c v and Markiplier

  • Eskmo
    Eskmo Rok temu +78

    The fact I started watching you when you were doing madden videos, and now you’re one of the biggest PLcliprs on the platform is so heart warming, and seeing you fan girling with all your NFL merch really brought me back to those days so long ago. You’ve come so far and I’m glad to have been here since the start

  • KerklanHD
    KerklanHD Rok temu +75

    I love what you do whenever you do it

  • Red
    Red Rok temu +4

    That is honestly so cool :) I wish I could have a house/office like that one day :)

  • ItsIlusion
    ItsIlusion Rok temu +2307

    And he uses premiere pro, what a fucking legend

  • Wittybruh
    Wittybruh Rok temu +111

    I actually fucking loved this video. Felt a lot more like back in the day where you would fill the back of your ute up with water and call everyone a bunch of bloody legends at the end of every vid

  • BaconLady
    BaconLady Rok temu +141

    Wow, honestly that end part spoke to me. Thank you so much Lazar for saying that. I've been going through a tough time with myself and my streaming, and to see how far you have come had honestly just inspired me so much more. I'm going to keep going and not give up 😁

    • Splatinum
      Splatinum 10 miesięcy temu


    • Sara Kon
      Sara Kon Rok temu +5

      Good luck to you have a nice day

  • Doctor Snow
    Doctor Snow Rok temu +5

    Besides the swearing, lazarbeam is probably one of my favourite PLcliprs; he’s funny and down to earth, not ACTUALLY thinking he’s better than us.

  • MooseWell_
    MooseWell_ Rok temu +27

    The fact that you don’t upload makes me feel more human and becoming an amazing creator like you more possible. You’re so awesome lazarbeam. Not only that, but you and Ilsa are a huge inspiration! Bless up 🙏❤️

  • Nass Wolf
    Nass Wolf Rok temu

    He's so down to earth and humble

  • Taj Reynolds
    Taj Reynolds Rok temu +216

    Finally, I've been waiting for ages for the next vid. Haha keep up the good work lannan. Love u heaps ❤

    • U r funny Lol
      U r funny Lol Rok temu

      @Mr John Official don’t just come into random comments and plug ur channel

    • TheChickenator9000
      TheChickenator9000 Rok temu +1

      These scams are flooding PLclip, fuck

    • TheChickenator9000
      TheChickenator9000 Rok temu +1

      @Mr John Official big middle finger

    • Wolfpack Reds
      Wolfpack Reds Rok temu


    • Lord Moose
      Lord Moose Rok temu +2

      YOU get likes when you say love you but oh when I say it to children I go to jail

  • Stacy Mccluer
    Stacy Mccluer Rok temu +167

    This may be my favorite YT video from you! The real OGs know that LazarBeam doesn’t need to flex! It’s about the quality not quantity! You would still be the realest if you were in the same closet making videos!

    • Greg
      Greg 4 miesięcy temu

      @Mj mcdonald Same. I’ve watched him since the Reddit review, photoshop battles, UEBS, dangerous fidget spinners, Finding Bigfoot era of his channel. Wish I watched him back when he did madden

    • Mj mcdonald
      Mj mcdonald Rok temu +4

      i can’t believe i’ve been watching him for 5 years!!! 7th grade- 11th grade, that’s crazy bro

  • CurlyControl
    CurlyControl Rok temu +4

    The fact that he can make a setup tour this entertaining, true talent😲

  • Gabegamezzz
    Gabegamezzz Rok temu +2

    I love it how lazarbeam always cares about his viewers/subscribers so so much love the work and keep it up

  • Beans
    Beans Rok temu +20

    Quality over quantity man, just do what you need to do and upload when you are in a stable and peaceful situation Much love ❤️

    • Beans
      Beans Rok temu

      @̇pıʞ ʞɔɐnΌ I know it’s annoying

  • Matt M.
    Matt M. Rok temu +1

    I remember the old set up from 6+ years ago. Good times man. So proud to see how far you’ve come Lannan

  • BixbyConsequence
    BixbyConsequence Rok temu +452

    Lazar: "This computer is the sexiest thing in my life"
    Ilsa: 🥺

    • Greg
      Greg 9 miesięcy temu

      @exon star lmao

    • Bugl
      Bugl Rok temu +1

      More like Ilsa: 🤬🤬🤬

    • exon star
      exon star Rok temu +2

      Kyguy722 it’s not him, yet if it was, still wouldn’t be a positive thing.

    • PlankGaming
      PlankGaming Rok temu +1

      That is not the real dream he only has 100 subs

    • Norwegian GigaChad
      Norwegian GigaChad Rok temu +5

      It’s a thing not person

  • joel comstock
    joel comstock Rok temu

    Why not do things as a group so that more people have content for their channels too. You’re helping them and giving yourself more consistent content to post.

  • I am the spy
    I am the spy Rok temu +10

    I like how he takes his time to do his videos to get us great Content

  • Fluctlight
    Fluctlight Rok temu +1

    Your amazing, and I hope you never change.

  • Deathofdoom 15
    Deathofdoom 15 Rok temu

    I honestly like how he edits his own vids cuz it makes it more real and enjoyable and I know he put more effort into the video and its made from the heart

  • Nfftyy
    Nfftyy Rok temu +3

    Lazar has changed so much from in 2018, when he had his settup in his room, how the time has flew

  • Eye of Sauron
    Eye of Sauron Rok temu +77

    When lazar said “I cleaned it up just for you” I was fully convinced to like this video.

    CRAFTRIDER Rok temu +1

    I don’t care what nobody says you’re a bloody legend take as much time as you need we understand this freaking pandemic anyways thank you for donating $10,000 to #TeamSeas

  • jufu
    jufu Rok temu

    This is the most crazy but realistic setup of any PLclipr I’ve seen. Absolute no cable management and weird monitor placement, that’s also me😭

  • Freya Ahrens
    Freya Ahrens Rok temu +46

    Lannan keep posting your great at it and they could be vlogs like they used to be they could even be 6mins of crap like common your the bloody legend

  • gavin ay
    gavin ay 3 miesięcy temu

    this has gotta be the cleanest setup ive ever seen

  • ggalistar
    ggalistar Rok temu +869

    this is the best setup i have ever seen!

    • firework freddy
      firework freddy Rok temu

      @annabel What

    • Ian Tidball
      Ian Tidball Rok temu


    • Bella
      Bella Rok temu

      i seen better but he has a ps5 so he is better then me

    • jack
      jack Rok temu

      @Mateo yes very funny video

  • Angela Vaughan
    Angela Vaughan Rok temu +12

    Good for you, Lannon! I know I'm old but I have gotten so many laughs from your videos. Thank you for being you! Until the next one!

  • Hunter Wakeman
    Hunter Wakeman Rok temu +11

    ive been watching for awhile now and i just hope you get through whatever it is you need to irl and wish you the best #codelazar

  • Lockhart
    Lockhart Rok temu

    Don't worry about uploading brother lazer focus on your personal problems fist we'll be here when your all good 🖤

  • Buhhrierr
    Buhhrierr Rok temu +1

    This man could upload once a year and as long as it's got the Lazar quality I'm totally fine. This man is a legend regardless if he uploads

  • Cossy boii
    Cossy boii Rok temu +4

    I think with what ever problems you are having, you should just tell us that you want a break.
    You are my favourite PLclip, so please if you want to talk about the lack of uploads I would love that.👍🙂

  • SplugeBob
    SplugeBob Rok temu +61

    I love the amazing tour, you're the best I hope you hit 20 mill soon

    • itsamebutnotmeasitshim
      itsamebutnotmeasitshim Rok temu

      @JurassicFan05 dude he is 700k subs away

    • Josh ball
      Josh ball Rok temu

      why cant lazar get like 15+ mil subscribers when he tries to revive minecraft BUT WHEN SOME green man speedruns it and gains 15+ mil subs
      all im saying is you deserve more than what you have

    • JurassicFan05
      JurassicFan05 Rok temu

      Hate to say it but with the videos he’s uploading and how often I doubt it

    • El fumidor eviscarator of lungs
      El fumidor eviscarator of lungs Rok temu

      Lannan:I have a ps5 so I’m better than you. Me who got my ps5 today:are you sure about that!

  • Dream_SmpYT
    Dream_SmpYT Rok temu +55

    Y'all he cleaned his office just for us we need to subscribe 😃

  • chippo
    chippo 8 miesięcy temu +1

    dont get me wrong, but doesnt having multiple channels make you upload less bc of more filming and editing. just wanted to mention that, even if your a little late for uploads its better to be late then stressed. you'll always be our best mate, mate (i am also aussie)

    THEO CLARK Rok temu

    Your such a legend keep it up mate much love

  • Tom Holmstrom
    Tom Holmstrom Rok temu

    I have to say I don't really mind that you don't upload as often as you used to because it's like a present when you do

  • ASurgeon
    ASurgeon Rok temu +6

    The tour that actually matters

  • siphon
    siphon Rok temu +1

    Lannan back at it again with an awesome video 😎🤝

  • Royce Koster
    Royce Koster Rok temu

    Love the vids keep on doing you and love the setup

  • 4DunkinDonuts
    4DunkinDonuts Rok temu

    although he has like everything most people on earth would love to have. Managing and stressing out about a youtube channel would probably balance out with having this awesome setup. (and girlfriend)

  • The dark Overlord
    The dark Overlord Rok temu +1

    You don’t need to rush for any future videos that you’re making, take as much time as you need.

  • Ultrafish
    Ultrafish Rok temu

    This is legit the closest thing to one of his old vlogs that we'll probably ever get, idk, it just feels like one of his older videos for some reason

  • Harrison Lucas
    Harrison Lucas Rok temu +11

    hey man, hope you’re well, genuinely looking out for your mental well-being. love you lazar ❤️

  • Tom Chambers
    Tom Chambers Rok temu

    This is where magic happens with the good content.

  • N9na16
    N9na16 Rok temu +2

    honestly out of all of the youtubers out there lazarbeam is on of the few that all ways gets me to laugh

  • Ben
    Ben Rok temu +1

    I love you Lannan keep on doing whatever tf you want mate. The ones that are here now will be here for a long time my friend. When I started watching you I couldn't even have a damn beer. To quote you like 3-4 years ago "Americans are crazy, you guys send in military recruitment people to high schools and send kids off to war and they can't even have a damn beer!?" I'm in the states and I was 17. FIVE years later. I'm 22 now. I'll be here.

  • Luke Wiese
    Luke Wiese Rok temu +1

    Mr. Beam: I hate flexing
    Also Mr. Beam: procedes to flex entire setup / house

  • Kristy Zofrea
    Kristy Zofrea Rok temu +4

    I don’t care how long it takes for you to upload you still a amazing PLclipr

    DEATH MAN Rok temu +1

    It's nice hearing you like editing your own videos 👍👍

  • John Smith
    John Smith Rok temu

    When Lannan uploads on any of his channel, our day always gets better

  • Stormbringer183
    Stormbringer183 Rok temu +1

    Lazar, dont worry about uploading frequently. We dont mind waiting for good content

  • JEWELz
    JEWELz Rok temu

    The way he says "garage" and "timber" is really doin' it for me. Good to see an upload! ♥ [edits] correction that rig is doin' it now.

  • Lnajmac
    Lnajmac 10 miesięcy temu

    I don’t care if you don’t upload your vids are still good.

  • BetleyIsland36
    BetleyIsland36 Rok temu +30

    Love to see the Lamppost in your office, everyone needs quality lighting next to their gaming setup

  • Shaythegamer 16
    Shaythegamer 16 Rok temu

    can we all give lazar the respect he deservers for even uploading even though he is having real life problems

  • Jayden9mm
    Jayden9mm Rok temu

    Keep making videos LazarBeam your killing it

  • Dami
    Dami Rok temu

    Every Office tour: where all the magic happens

  • David Ortner
    David Ortner Rok temu +20

    I'm glad to see lazarbeam doing a blog it's been years since he's made a vlog

  • King shark
    King shark Rok temu

    I cried inside when he showed the setup

  • Cecicoot
    Cecicoot Rok temu +30

    Gotta learn to delegate Lazar 👍🏼 I totally get wanting to do everything on your own! I applied just for the heck of it 💁🏻‍♀️

  • Ansh Dhurve
    Ansh Dhurve Rok temu +4

    I was waiting for this for years! Thank you Lazar!

    • SG_Fatal7
      SG_Fatal7 Rok temu

      @Mateo ive seen like you reply the same link on every single comment, dude stop

  • MegaCambo
    MegaCambo Rok temu +1

    This is a absolutely insane setup!

  • HellBoyYT
    HellBoyYT Rok temu

    dope video- cool to see the behind the scenes

  • AJ Zanger
    AJ Zanger Rok temu

    Please keep uploading! I love your videos!

  • Toxic Guy
    Toxic Guy Rok temu

    Do these tours more pleeeease

  • Kian Catto
    Kian Catto Rok temu +422

    Lazarbeam “I have 1 next gen console!”
    KSI: “I HavE 5 Of Em”

    • Lando_Commando357
      Lando_Commando357 Rok temu

      @CT 5510 you do realize that Lannan bough 4 fucking monitors right?

    • Max Adams
      Max Adams Rok temu


    • CT 5510
      CT 5510 Rok temu +2

      Don’t give Lazarbeam ideas to waste his money

    • JustRyder
      JustRyder Rok temu

      No one cares

  • Mizu D
    Mizu D Rok temu +1

    Lannan back at it again with mullet👌👌

  • Redux _
    Redux _ Rok temu

    I don’t think u relies how much you have helped people get threw quarantine and just overall u have helped people get threw things without even knowing it love u man

  • Sethy boi
    Sethy boi 48 minut temu

    I love LazarBeams setup it's so clean

  • All In One
    All In One Rok temu

    You're the most motivational guy on PLclip mate :)

  • AntStingz
    AntStingz Rok temu

    Can we get more beamNG videos? they were funny as hell lol

  • xbenx
    xbenx Rok temu +8

    "Guess you could call that my morning wood."
    -The Man, The Myth, The Legend, LazarBeam

  • urfavgabe
    urfavgabe Rok temu

    I don’t care how much you upload, you are still the best PLclipr


    Do not worry mate we are all hear for you go sort ya stuff out we will be waiting.

  • kostas pst
    kostas pst Rok temu

    bro you gont look really well, hope everything goes great from now on

  • BaconicDoge
    BaconicDoge Rok temu

    I watched this guy from 2018 and i still love him til this day.

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose Rok temu

    As a die hard Tampa bay buccaneers and a life long Tampa native it makes me so happy to see you with a Bucs helmet.

    PICKLE RIIIIICK Rok temu +3

    Probably one of the best setups I’ve seen in my life

  • Tanner Schow
    Tanner Schow Rok temu

    Looks like Australia's been crazy mate, hope you are doing well.

  • Keenan Rayne
    Keenan Rayne Rok temu

    Best set up ever, I wish he went more on depth of what the basics are so he can get aspiring youtubers some advice

  • Zachary
    Zachary 10 miesięcy temu

    I wish I could have a set up like that

  • Rishin Das
    Rishin Das Rok temu +1

    You are my inspiration
    Want to have a setup like you
    You are truly a legend😎


    BazarLeam is like the 10 year old trapped inside a 26 year old mans body. living life like he still young

  • Bxrry
    Bxrry Rok temu +355

    A Great Office

    • Abdidi !!
      Abdidi !! Rok temu

      lazarbeamYT yeah and you have an amazing name 💀✋🏻

    • Abdidi !!
      Abdidi !! Rok temu

      lazarbeamYT bruh wtf 💀😭😭😂

    • owen hendricks
      owen hendricks Rok temu

      Ayo your deadass my favouritr youtuber

    • Hunt4life
      Hunt4life Rok temu


  • Tannon Brinson
    Tannon Brinson Rok temu

    Just take a moment to appreciate the mullet he’s rocking

  • HelpIdkAGoodUser
    HelpIdkAGoodUser Rok temu +2

    It’s ok if u haven’t uploaded much. The content is still good

  • DemizeDreams
    DemizeDreams Rok temu

    this might be the best setup ive ever seen

  • hotdog guy
    hotdog guy Rok temu

    Don't worry about the lack of content, at least when there is some it is the best in the world! ❤

  • Yessir
    Yessir 10 miesięcy temu

    I hope he never stops uploading

  • Kieran Lenane
    Kieran Lenane Rok temu +8

    Best setups on PLclip, uploads once a year 😂 love you lazar

  • YT O.G
    YT O.G Rok temu

    Lazar has always been funny.

  • Nicholas Brimer
    Nicholas Brimer Rok temu

    This was the best office tour ever

  • Aussie Development
    Aussie Development Rok temu +1

    I love youtubers that edit their own videos

  • Harrison Cook
    Harrison Cook Rok temu

    Dont worry you legend the OGs stay loyal. Stay strong and get through what your going through. All love!

  • Studstudios
    Studstudios Rok temu

    You post as often as you want, you are still my favorite PLclipr- use code lazar

  • Tom
    Tom Rok temu +7

    Anyone notice how insane ilsa's painting skills are?