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Worlds Best LEGO Builds

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  • LazarLazar
    LazarLazar  10 miesi臋cy temu +2336

    i have been very sick for a few weeks. apologies

    • Hubert the monkey
      Hubert the monkey Miesi膮c temu

      @Salty_sandygast it鈥檚 his second channel

    • Salty_sandygast
      Salty_sandygast Miesi膮c temu

      What happened to you why are you blue?

    • Sniperclash19
      Sniperclash19 Miesi膮c temu

      Still awesome

    • Alf194
      Alf194  Miesi膮c temu

      No problem take as Busch time off that you need

    TD BRICKS 10 miesi臋cy temu +890

    As a lego builder, I approve

  • Musashi Sumomonkey
    Musashi Sumomonkey 10 miesi臋cy temu +1095

    Funnily enough, Lego versions cost millions more than the actual things

    • LKKR moving mad
      LKKR moving mad 2 miesi臋cy temu


    • cheZ boi
      cheZ boi 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

      @greengamer0608 is translated to *in order to* in english

    • cheZ boi
      cheZ boi 2 miesi臋cy temu +1

      Ah yes lego-beam costs more than irl lazarbeam

    • SuperEleJef
      SuperEleJef 4 miesi臋cy temu +1

      So true

    • Bomag_642
      Bomag_642 6 miesi臋cy temu +1

      Wait does that mean if you could buy lego milleniam falcon then you could buy the real thing 馃槼

  • Ashnflash
    Ashnflash 10 miesi臋cy temu +1166

    Weird seeing you talk about LEGO 馃槄
    Most of the huge builds are created by LEGO themselves. And they have a system that scans a character and it tells them exactly what bricks they need.

  • Procesify
    Procesify 10 miesi臋cy temu +20

    I鈥檝e been watching you for a while now, and I can鈥檛 express how much I appreciate you for all the great content you provide us with! thanks for inspiring me to start my own channel 鉂わ笍

  • V4S [GD]
    V4S [GD] 10 miesi臋cy temu +142

    These creators are so good, respect.

    • itzaprogamer
      itzaprogamer 4 miesi臋cy temu

      @戋丟race戋 bot

    • 戋丟race戋
      戋丟race戋 10 miesi臋cy temu

      My Photo & Video R18-Pikachu.Monster
      siempre en mi coraz贸n.
      ma帽as no se la.
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

  • MrAiden
    MrAiden 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

    Wow, these builds are amazing! I wish i could see the building process for some of them

  • Lowy Shorts
    Lowy Shorts 10 miesi臋cy temu +243

    These Lego builds are INSANE馃敟

    • Family Elden
      Family Elden 6 miesi臋cy temu

      Yo sup bro

    • the show edits
      the show edits 10 miesi臋cy temu


    • Get on the cross and don鈥檛 look back
      Get on the cross and don鈥檛 look back 10 miesi臋cy temu

      Repent to Jesus Christ
      鈥淏ut he said to me, 鈥淢y grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.鈥 Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ鈥檚 power may rest on me.鈥
      鈥2 Corinthians鈥 鈥12:9鈥 鈥璑IV鈥

    • roberto armstrong
      roberto armstrong 10 miesi臋cy temu

      His awful awful attempts at jokes? Are they supposed to be jokes?鈥 they鈥檙e the opposite of INSANE 馃敟

  • BusyWig
    BusyWig 10 miesi臋cy temu +133

    I grew up with legos and they are super fun and I am surprised people make such good builds with them

    • BusyWig
      BusyWig 10 miesi臋cy temu

      Alex Aruno ?

    • BusyWig
      BusyWig 10 miesi臋cy temu

      @Cheesyboi72 I meant LEGO

    • BusyWig
      BusyWig 10 miesi臋cy temu

      @Idk what to say I meant LEGO

    • BusyWig
      BusyWig 10 miesi臋cy temu

      @Jawsome I meant to say LEGO

  • Live Smart Life
    Live Smart Life 10 miesi臋cy temu +50

    As a Lego nerd, I love when big content creators make Lego videos

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet 10 miesi臋cy temu

    As a fellow Lego man since 4 year old. I approve these all. More impressive than I can ever do

  • SacredBricks
    SacredBricks 10 miesi臋cy temu +177

    This is amazing! i recognize a bunch of these builders :)

  • Weekly Bricks
    Weekly Bricks 10 miesi臋cy temu

    As a huge LEGO fan, this video was awesome to watch :)

  • Kitty750
    Kitty750 10 miesi臋cy temu +5

    As a fellow Lego builder, this was awesome

  • JB Bricks
    JB Bricks 10 miesi臋cy temu +4

    I鈥檓 glad you liked the Melon I gave to LEGO you!!! I鈥檒l work on getting the face a bit more accurate for next time! 馃槈

  • Fluctlight
    Fluctlight 10 miesi臋cy temu +7

    These builds are truly incredible, no doubt.

  • OggarBooga
    OggarBooga 10 miesi臋cy temu

    This man should definitely visit Legoland someday, he鈥檇 love it

  • Aarij Kamnani
    Aarij Kamnani 10 miesi臋cy temu +39

    As usual; an absolute legend.

    • Famoosetin
      Famoosetin 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

      As a certified person, I can declare that nobody asked for your opinion

    • cerriiyi猡碉笍馃挦
      cerriiyi猡碉笍馃挦 10 miesi臋cy temu

      鈾ワ笍饾棫饾椏饾棽饾椈饾棻饾椂饾椈饾棿 饾棶饾棻饾槀饾椆饾榿 饾椊饾椉饾椏饾椈 饾槂饾椂饾棻饾棽饾椉饾榾 饾椉饾椈饾椆饾槅鈾ワ笍
      I'd love to be One-Nightlove.Online
      youngboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be,
      hes my light of day

    • MiddleCattleRL
      MiddleCattleRL 10 miesi臋cy temu +1


  • Sethzkiez
    Sethzkiez 10 miesi臋cy temu

    I hope you get better Lazar and create more content :)

  • TheRandomGuy
    TheRandomGuy 10 miesi臋cy temu +72

    I love Legos, we all grew up with them. Never can underestimate the pain them when stepping on them though.

    • cerriiyi猡碉笍馃挦
      cerriiyi猡碉笍馃挦 10 miesi臋cy temu

      鈾ワ笍饾棫饾椏饾棽饾椈饾棻饾椂饾椈饾棿 饾棶饾棻饾槀饾椆饾榿 饾椊饾椉饾椏饾椈 饾槂饾椂饾棻饾棽饾椉饾榾 饾椉饾椈饾椆饾槅鈾ワ笍
      I'd love to be One-Nightlove.Online
      youngboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be,
      hes my light of day

    • R 2 H
      R 2 H 10 miesi臋cy temu

      Finally it's here.

    • Uncle Genie
      Uncle Genie 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

      yup same and I hate when stepping on them馃槶

    • Evan Crimmins
      Evan Crimmins 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

      Yep best lego was star wars

  • Tony?
    Tony? 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    1 day with 1.4 million views. Lazer is a legend no matter what.

  • SnipinWristers
    SnipinWristers 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Hope you feel better Lazar! Your videos are very hilarious!

  • baguette.guy.lololol
    baguette.guy.lololol 10 miesi臋cy temu

    As a giant lego fan and also a lazer beam fan, I can tell this video will be good

  • Grand Serpent
    Grand Serpent 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

    Hope you are feeling better. You release such good content that you can upload when ever you feel up to it. 馃憤

  • XoE shadow
    XoE shadow 10 miesi臋cy temu

    lazar I鈥檓 so amazed by your content keep it up mate馃榿

  • AcesGaming
    AcesGaming 10 miesi臋cy temu +17

    I hope you get better Lazar. Also keep up the great content. :)

  • Jett Hunt
    Jett Hunt 10 miesi臋cy temu +26

    Great vid bro it鈥檚 so good to see my two favourite things coming together

    • cerriiyi猡碉笍馃挦
      cerriiyi猡碉笍馃挦 10 miesi臋cy temu

      鈾ワ笍饾棫饾椏饾棽饾椈饾棻饾椂饾椈饾棿 饾棶饾棻饾槀饾椆饾榿 饾椊饾椉饾椏饾椈 饾槂饾椂饾棻饾棽饾椉饾榾 饾椉饾椈饾椆饾槅鈾ワ笍
      I'd love to be One-Nightlove.Online
      youngboy is my idol. Hes the person I aspire to be,
      hes my light of day

  • Queen of God State
    Queen of God State 10 miesi臋cy temu

    I swear I鈥檇 pay someone to build me all of those just so I could have a Lego museum in my basement. 馃ぉ

  • Champion G
    Champion G 10 miesi臋cy temu +30

    Even when sick lazarbeam goes above and beyond to entertain us, he is truly a bloody legend

    • 戋丟race戋
      戋丟race戋 10 miesi臋cy temu

      My Photo & Video R18-Pikachu.Monster
      siempre en mi coraz贸n.
      ma帽as no se la.
      Son unos de los mejores conciertos.

    • Champion G
      Champion G 10 miesi臋cy temu

      @light-cake 368 always will be

    • light-cake 368
      light-cake 368 10 miesi臋cy temu

      always has been

  • unfilmable
    unfilmable 26 dni temu

    Keep making great stuff

  • Blaze Studios
    Blaze Studios 10 miesi臋cy temu +5

    Those were some sick builds!

  • Damian Hernandez
    Damian Hernandez 10 miesi臋cy temu

    What good fellows they are, how much work and time it takes to collect all this.

  • Wael Lafer
    Wael Lafer 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Someone should make a life sized Lego world 馃槅

  • Easyplayz
    Easyplayz 10 miesi臋cy temu

    As someone that likes lego I can see this stuff is mind blowing compared to the stuff I have built.

  • Star鈽哹eam鈾
    Star鈽哹eam鈾 10 miesi臋cy temu +3

    He never disappoints us good job king 馃ご

  • LJ
    LJ 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

    As a Lego person as well and a Lego builder and a Lego collector never thought in a million years you out of all people making this I approve

  • The Aussie Crab
    The Aussie Crab 10 miesi臋cy temu +5

    I swear I will never get sick of this guy

  • reece Vanheythuysen
    reece Vanheythuysen 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Completely off topic of your video but just like to say massive fan of you mate done so great I finally had the opportunity to meet both your mum and dad themselves at the club that I work at as they are members of the club they are so proud of you and you are the very first PLclipr I ever started watching since I remember when you we鈥檙e messing around of construction vehicles and all lol Massive fan mate

  • Crayonboi
    Crayonboi 10 miesi臋cy temu +5

    The best Australian PLclipr in my opinion. Keep up the great work!

  • KillerClips
    KillerClips 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Great vid Lazer keep up the content

  • Dynasamic Edits鈩
    Dynasamic Edits鈩 10 miesi臋cy temu +3

    Amazing video! Great Job!

  • unluckycharms
    unluckycharms 10 miesi臋cy temu +3

    I remember watching people build realistic guns from like COD and stuff like that out of LEGO when i was younger, this video brings back memories, thank Mr. Lazar

  • More HuskyFudge
    More HuskyFudge 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    dont push yourself your videos are worth waiting鉂

  • Nico O
    Nico O 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Love the videos keep 鈥榚m coming you comical savage 馃挴

  • check my userr for credit cards V
    check my userr for credit cards V 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Lazarbeam doesn't fail to entertain us keep it up

  • BenXIII
    BenXIII 10 miesi臋cy temu +3

    I don't even want to imagine how much these would cost if issued by lego

  • TrenchV Studios
    TrenchV Studios 10 miesi臋cy temu +8

    It's nice to see people still remember the Mythbusters. It was the OG kid's science show. The LEGO ball was awesome.

  • -Quiet Shadows-
    -Quiet Shadows- 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Hey Lazar Beam! I love your channel and am very happy for all your efforts in everything you do 鈽猴笍 Love yourself! Bye 馃挍

  • Chris Leiter
    Chris Leiter 10 miesi臋cy temu +4

    as a person with around 300 LEGO sets... this makes me happy. Also, that Nintendo NES one is a unit you can buy directly from LEGO right now - I have it, great build!

    • Andrea Owen
      Andrea Owen 10 miesi臋cy temu

      Rae Lil Black 馃敒馃憞 my son built it in 2 days!

  • Jonah Tillman
    Jonah Tillman 10 miesi臋cy temu

    man, the guy at the end. he was a huge part of my childhood. i loved watching the brick shows.

  • Trevin Sandoval
    Trevin Sandoval 10 miesi臋cy temu +3

    three things. First love your videos. Second, professionals use software to plan builds to know where to place bricks. Lastly... legoland has the whole lego worlds.

  • Vanessa
    Vanessa 4 miesi臋cy temu

    You can do some crazy shit with LEGO.
    I remember visiting LEGOLAND Billund often when I was younger and just seeing all those amazing creations they have there.

  • Imaginereadingthisrn
    Imaginereadingthisrn 10 miesi臋cy temu +9

    I swear i will never get sick of this dude

  • Annabel Westwood
    Annabel Westwood 10 miesi臋cy temu +6

    Even when you鈥檙e sick you鈥檙e still a Legend, Lazar! 馃槉

  • Lela Deitz
    Lela Deitz 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Thanks for curing my boredom! Love you Lazar.

  • GodzillaGaming
    GodzillaGaming 9 miesi臋cy temu

    2:13 omg, I love this Lego build so much, I wish there was a tutorial on how to build it because if I built it, I try to scare people with it all day.

    KRANTY 10 miesi臋cy temu +4

    This man is a legend

  • BrotatoMatthew
    BrotatoMatthew 10 miesi臋cy temu

    man when i build legos i just mash things together until i get something and then it breaks mid way, this is insane to see

  • J Cobra
    J Cobra 10 miesi臋cy temu +4

    4:09 Lazer: They鈥檙e making a life sized Luke Skywalker
    Me: It鈥檚 Obi-Wan Kenobi

  • Mdshark
    Mdshark 10 miesi臋cy temu +8

    I love you lazar keep up the amazing work馃敟

  • 5499-Akshat
    5499-Akshat 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Tha fact that Lannan uploads on a Friday aft after school is the best thing that has happened to me today, love ya Lannan, continue the content mate

  • Charlotte Zagari
    Charlotte Zagari 4 miesi臋cy temu

    He actually did push that motor bike over on purpose, to reveal the building bricks that the Lego competitors can use within the bike

  • Will Perry
    Will Perry 10 miesi臋cy temu +6

    It鈥檚 always a good day when lannan posts

  • Rohit Vankamamidi
    Rohit Vankamamidi 7 miesi臋cy temu

    What would we do without Lazar, now, all 3 million people that watched this vid will never look at Legos the same way again.

  • Lleyton Dale
    Lleyton Dale 10 miesi臋cy temu +3

    Love your videos keep up the good work

  • Vraig
    Vraig 10 miesi臋cy temu +4

    As an avid lego addict, I appreciate this video

    • Cornel Greeff
      Cornel Greeff 10 miesi臋cy temu

      My wallet feels your wallets pain brother

  • Temporary Unavailable 2
    Temporary Unavailable 2 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Thank u for ur awesome content keep up the grind

  • Bautista Studios
    Bautista Studios 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Awesome and funny video! Get well soon!

  • EndexMC
    EndexMC 10 miesi臋cy temu +8

    Imagine How Long It Took To Make Each One Of Them.
    True Patience... 馃懡

  • AIDS Gaming
    AIDS Gaming 9 miesi臋cy temu

    Such a funny video, thank you for uploading

  • Wertyfii
    Wertyfii 10 miesi臋cy temu +15

    If you're so fascinated by all these builds, you should go to actual lego land, I'm also pretty sure it was lego land at 7:03

  • God of war
    God of war 10 miesi臋cy temu

    These people are true master builders

  • Lukkeboi
    Lukkeboi 10 miesi臋cy temu

    If you ever see a city full of lego like the singapore airline one, that鈥檚 Legoland in Denmark, they have like massive structures of every lego theme and they also have attractions to ride

  • Raz Vaknine
    Raz Vaknine 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

    Risking he鈥檚 well being to cure our boredom. What a man!

  • Elyssa Eichar
    Elyssa Eichar 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

    That Lego city you saw is in a theme park in Florida called Lego land, they have a lot of awesome builds. You should fly out some time and go!

  • Chad Island
    Chad Island 10 miesi臋cy temu +7

    You know it鈥檚 a bloody great day when lazar uploads your an absolute legend keep up the great work馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭馃嚘馃嚭

    • Chad Island
      Chad Island 10 miesi臋cy temu

      Anti Telepurte 飧溾亜 you got me eo

  • Leemo
    Leemo 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Thanks for curing my quarantine boredom Lannan, ya bloody legend 馃槑

  • Grenadeo
    Grenadeo 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    legos we鈥檙e my childhood toy, and still occasional pastime/hobby. this video made everything i ever made from age 2 till now look like a piece of sand in a desert.

  • sLep
    sLep 6 miesi臋cy temu

    i love lego i love lazar beems videos put them together you got perfection

  • Liza_Official
    Liza_Official 10 miesi臋cy temu

    Imagine How Long It Took To Make Each One Of Them.
    True Patience... 馃懡

  • N1cYY
    N1cYY 5 miesi臋cy temu

    As a dane im verry proud of my country when lego started in a basement in Denmark and now see what we have made it to 馃槉

  • Hazie3d
    Hazie3d 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    Just an idea. Could do a video on 3d printing next. Equally as cool things as this video haha hope you get to feeling better soon Mr. Beam

  • Draobama
    Draobama 10 miesi臋cy temu

    As a Lego nerd I love this video

  • Dexter Bush
    Dexter Bush 10 miesi臋cy temu +14

    That鈥檚 a set you can buy right now. Lego is crazy now!

  • Theoneonly
    Theoneonly 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

    tbh I'm so happy he's uploading again this really made my morning

  • Maria Hotgirl Vlogs
    Maria Hotgirl Vlogs 10 miesi臋cy temu

    鈥淎ll I ever used to build with Lego was just giant dongs鈥
    A man of culture

  • A child who can somewhat draw
    A child who can somewhat draw 10 miesi臋cy temu

    The amount of technic parts used to make that Bugatti would鈥檝e costed more than the original

  • Not Intelligent
    Not Intelligent 10 miesi臋cy temu

    I have actually been pretty sick lately too thank you a lot bro for making a video it cheers me up!!

  • TJ
    TJ  10 miesi臋cy temu +18

    鈥淎ll I ever used to build with Lego was just giant dongs鈥
    A man of culture

  • hmzach
    hmzach 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

    Literally the best thing that couldve happened during my exams
    THANKS BEAM for helping me thru all of this stress!!

  • Off the limits
    Off the limits 16 dni temu +1

    I don鈥檛 think lazar realized the Nintendo was an actual Lego set.

  • SW Superfan
    SW Superfan 10 miesi臋cy temu

    At least someone finally likes legos.

  • Bob Schnickelback
    Bob Schnickelback 10 miesi臋cy temu +7

    These are incredibly impressive

  • Krokrodax
    Krokrodax 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    The place you saw behind the big plane is called Legoland and is located in Denmark, and the spaceship earlier in the video was also from there. I live in Denmark and have been there many times. Very cool place 馃槃

  • RedOshawott23
    RedOshawott23 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    It鈥檚 cool that the Super Mario/TV one is actually one released by LEGO that anyone can buy and build.

  • Lathan Smith
    Lathan Smith 10 miesi臋cy temu

    if you're into lego structures, and you have the means to do so, I highly recommend visiting Legoland in Florida
    Edit: there are also Legoland parks in: Billund, California, Deutschland, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New York, and Windsor

  • Legendary legend
    Legendary legend 10 miesi臋cy temu


  • Smitty Swims
    Smitty Swims 10 miesi臋cy temu

    I have seen that dinosaur skeleton in person. It is absolutely massive!!!

  • Mario Fan
    Mario Fan 10 miesi臋cy temu +13

    2:35 actually this is a real set with instructions

    • EvJamMo
      EvJamMo 10 miesi臋cy temu +2

      Yeah, not custom built but still cool!

  • Nathan Bruce
    Nathan Bruce 10 miesi臋cy temu +1

    The detail on the giant copy of the falcon is actually crazy